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A PostgreSQL DB gets queried! The Log Analysis Project solves 3 questions to report on the visits and popularity of articles in a news site.
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Log Analysis Project

The Log Analysis Project aims to solve 3 questions to report on the visits and popularity of a newspaper site.

The project is split in several methods which solve each of the questions required:

  1. What are the most popular three articles of all time?
  2. Who are the most popular article authors of all time?
  3. On which days did more than 1% of requests lead to errors?

For each question the result will be displayed in the format. An additional results.txt file is included with the output of the program.


Using a VM


  • Vagrant
  • VirtualBox

Get the Vagrantfile from: and run

$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh

Using your machine


  • Python 3
  • PostgreSQL
  • psycopg2

Run the project

The project works by connecting to a PostgreSQL database called news. You can downlad the data, import to a new database and run the analysis script.

  1. Get the data zip file from
  2. Unzip the file to your working directory, the file is called newsdata.sql
  3. Load the data to a new news database with the command: psql -d news -f newsdata.sql
  4. Run the script by using python3 and see the output


The connection to the database is opened by the main method and passed to each of the methods which answer a single question each.

Each method, e.g. most_popular_articles runs an outputs the result of the query.

An alternative has been provided for question 3, as I found interesting to use 2 approaches to this problem.

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