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Fitness Camera v0.1.0

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@miguelrochefort miguelrochefort released this 12 Apr 06:06
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  1. Click here to download and install Fitness Camera on Android.
  2. Launch Fitness Camera.
  3. Allow camera permissions.
  4. Put your phone on the floor, leaning against the wall, in portrait mode, with the screen facing you.
  5. Walk back until the camera can see your entire body.
  6. Start doing exercises while facing the camera (squats and push-ups are currently supported).
  7. Fitness Camera will automatically count your repetitions out loud and keep your total on the screen.


  • Tap the number of repetitions to reset it to 0.
  • Tap the camera preview to switch between "camera + skeleton", "skeleton only" and "camera only" modes.

Privacy Policy

All processing is done locally on your device. Nothing is ever sent to a server. In fact, the app doesn't even have permission to access the Internet. The app doesn't collect any data.