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Computes straight skeletons of simple polygons
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Skeletron generalizes collections of lines to a specific spherical mercator
zoom level and pixel precision, using a polygon buffer and voronoi diagram as
described in a 1996 paper by Alnoor Ladak and Roberto B. Martinez, "Automated
Derivation of High Accuracy Road Centrelines Thiessen Polygons Technique"

Required dependencies:
  - qhull binary (
  - shapely 1.2+ (
  - pyproj (
  - networkx 1.5+ (
  - StreetNames 0.1+ (

You'd typically use it via one of the provided utility scripts, currently
just these two:

  Accepts OpenStreetMap XML input and generates GeoJSON output for streets
  using the "name" and "highway" tags to group collections of ways.

  Accepts OpenStreetMap XML input and generates GeoJSON output for routes
  using the "network", "ref" and "modifier" tags to group relations.
  More on route relations:

The Name

The first two implementations of Skeletron used the "straight skeleton" of
a polygon to find a generalized center, and ultimately didn't work very well.

The straight skeleton:

How it's useful for maps:
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