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from sys import stdin
from math import hypot, ceil
from shapely.geometry import Polygon
from Skeletron import network_multiline, multiline_centerline, multiline_polygon
from Skeletron.util import simplify_line, polygon_rings
from Skeletron.input import ParserOSM
from Skeletron.draw import Canvas
p = ParserOSM()
g = p.parse(stdin)
print sorted(g.keys())
network = g[(u'Lakeside Drive', u'secondary')]
if not network.edges():
lines = network_multiline(network)
poly = multiline_polygon(lines)
center = multiline_centerline(lines)
# draw
points = [network.node[id]['point'] for id in network.nodes()]
xs, ys = map(None, *[(pt.x, pt.y) for pt in points])
xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax = min(xs), min(ys), max(xs), max(ys)
canvas = Canvas(900, 600) - 50, ymax + 50, xmax + 50, ymin - 50)
for geom in center.geoms:
line = list(geom.coords)
canvas.line(line, stroke=(1, 1, 1), width=10)
for (x, y) in line:, y, fill=(1, 1, 1), size=16)
canvas.line(line, stroke=(1, .6, .4), width=6)
for (x, y) in line:, y, fill=(1, .6, .4), size=12)
for ring in polygon_rings(poly):
canvas.line(list(ring.coords), stroke=(.9, .9, .9))
for (a, b) in network.edges():
pt1, pt2 = network.node[a]['point'], network.node[b]['point']
line = [(pt1.x, pt1.y), (pt2.x, pt2.y)]
canvas.line(line, stroke=(0, 0, 0))
for point in points:, point.y, fill=(0, 0, 0))'look.png')
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