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from sys import stdin, argv
from math import hypot, ceil
from json import dump
from shapely.geometry import Polygon, MultiLineString
from Skeletron import network_multiline, multiline_polygon, polygon_skeleton, skeleton_routes
from Skeletron.input import ParserOSM, merc
p = ParserOSM()
g = p.parse(stdin)
output = dict(type='FeatureCollection', features=[])
for key in g:
print key
network = g[key]
if not network.edges():
lines = network_multiline(network)
poly = multiline_polygon(lines)
skeleton = polygon_skeleton(poly)
routes = skeleton_routes(skeleton)
if not routes:
coords = [[merc(*point, inverse=True) for point in route] for route in routes]
geometry = MultiLineString(coords).__geo_interface__
properties = dict(name=key[0], highway=key[1])
feature = dict(geometry=geometry, properties=properties)
dump(output, open(argv[2], 'w'))
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