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Added comments about time coefficient selection in graph_routes()

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Michal Migurski
Michal Migurski committed Nov 28, 2011
1 parent 99a7c1c commit 603d3f6707e9114092fad2120dee6318725b1cb7
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@@ -143,17 +143,36 @@ def _graph_routes_took_too_long(signum, frame):
raise Exception("Unexpected signal: %s" % signum)
-def graph_routes(graph, find_longest):
+def graph_routes(graph, find_longest, time_coefficient=0.02):
""" Return a list of routes through a network as (x, y) pair lists, with no edge repeated.
Each node in the graph must have a "point" attribute with a Point object.
+ The time_coefficient argument helps determine a time limit after which
+ this function is killed off by means of a SIGALRM.
+ The default value of 0.02 comes from a graph of times for a single
+ state's generalized routes at a few zoom levels. I found that this
+ function typically runs in O(n) time best case with some spikes up
+ to O(n^2) and a general cluster around O(n^1.32). Introducing a time
+ limit based on O(n^2) seemed too generous for large graphs, while
+ the coefficient 0.02 seemed to comfortably cover graphs with up to
+ tens of thousands of nodes.
+ In the graph (new-hampshire-times.png) the functions are:
+ - X-axis: graph size in nodes
+ - Y-axis: compute time in seconds
+ - Orange dashed good-enough limit: y = 0.02x
+ - Blue bottom limit: y = 0.00005x
+ - Green trend line: y = 2.772e-5x^1.3176
+ - Black upper bounds: y = 0.000001x^2
# Before we do anything else, set a time limit to deal with the occasional
# halting problem on larger graphs. Using signals here seems safe because
# Skeletron is intended to be used in single-threaded processes.
- time_limit = int(ceil(0.02 * graph.number_of_nodes()))
+ time_limit = int(ceil(time_coefficient * graph.number_of_nodes()))
signal.signal(signal.SIGALRM, _graph_routes_took_too_long)
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