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produce TileJSON #79

andrewharvey opened this Issue August 10, 2012 · 1 comment

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Andrew Harvey Idan Gazit
Andrew Harvey

An idea is to support providing TileJSON through the TileStache REST API for layers which have been configured in your TileStache config file.

For example if you specify bounds of a layer in your TileStache config file, then the TileJSON for that layer would include those bounds.

The TileJSON would be served up at somewhere like tilestache.cgi/layer-name.jsonp

If TileStache were to support this it could add extra fields to the config file like description, attribution, layer name of UTF grid, etc.

It would also need an extra config option for the public facing URL prefix. ie. because TileStache won't know this.

There are both pros and cons of supporting this in TileStache, but it is an idea.

Idan Gazit

Sounds like a fun idea. Even at the most basic level, producing a basic tilejson automatically would be useful, even without the additional information. with almost no information would still be useful.

            "tilejson": "2.0.0",
            "tiles": [ "{{ base domain }}/{{ layername }}/{z}/{x}/{y}.png" ]

Maybe even just having a setting dict object that is served up as a tilejson, with some sensible default values. I'll try to do this next week, I have a bunch of hacking around memcached that I need to do as well.

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