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Modest Maps JS Changelog.
Following the semantic versioning recommendation best we can:
"Consider a version format of X.Y.Z (Major.Minor.Patch).
Bug fixes not affecting the API increment the patch version,
backwards compatible API additions/changes increment the
minor version, and backwards incompatible API changes increment
the major version." --
- removing magic numbers from Mercator projection for parity with Python version
- rejiggered the Map's draw function to be a bit clearer
- removed superfluous layer.coordinate (internal only)
- factored image loading out into a separate RequestManager
- cleaned up RequestManager to be less tile-centric, more img-centric
- made callback handling more modular
- re-instated zoom level check for setExtent (fixes bug where locations are all the same)
- moved to cssText for long CSS inits
- added 'drawn' callback
- added removeCallback
- correctly following now, incrementing minor version!
- modified queue sorting to support pyramid loading
- stubbed out pyramid loading
- tidied up draw code to be clearer (wantedTiles --> validTileKeys)
- added Point.distance and Point.interpolate
- added Location.distance and Location.interpolate
- tweak to sorting function that appears to fix an issue in IE8
- fixed tile sorting for in-between zoom levels
- fixed tile position in onload handler
- tidied up initial coord/position maths, now supports arbitrary zoom levels (with seams)
- changes to MapProvider.sourceCoordinate to support non-Mercator bounds
- added inner and outer limits to providers and enforcing min/max zoom in Map.draw()
- changed zoomByAbout to use zoomBy (and draw/enforceLimits) before applying panBy
- fixed bug that could break zooming if setCenterZoom was called with a string
- removed assumption that layers go from 0 to 20
- added rational version numbering
May 2010, pre-semver
+ added setSize and setProvider methods (fixed the latter so that all loads are canceled)
+ optional interaction (factored out mouse handling... enables touch or keyboard later)
+ made a touch handler for iphads
+ made a TemplatedMapProvider
+ made a demo that accepts a URL template for a map provider
+ started to work towards jslint conformance
+ started to move to 80 character line length where practical
+ made a demo with two maps, synchronized
+ jslint fixes, 80 char lines, better sorting, removed createOverlay
+ templated providers wrap around in longitude by default
+ added a demo keyboard handler
+ positioning single tiles in onload instead of redrawing everything
+ added a zoom box demo
+ make sure the cache gets cleared after a while (BIG FEATURE)
+ don't load above/below north/south poles (for default mercator maps)
+ added a random subdomain helper to templated providers
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