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by KitschMaster


Use Transender whenever you need to git-clone and rename XCode iPhone SDK projects.

Project home:

When I started working with iPhone and iPod touch apps I soon realized how strange it is. One day I wanted to copy and rename an app. There was no easy way to do it. So I wrote some scripts to hack that.

I call the process of cloning an existing app and renaming it right after: transending.

So transend your codes.


  • can clone XCode projects (on git) and rename them successfully (tested only on iPhone/iPod Touch projects)

  • use from command line or ruby program

  • since 0.2.8 an improved transending algorithm, uses a bowl


The project/app You want to transend should be sitting in a git repository.

An example of using it from a ruby program:

Transender::Ji.transend( {:app_title=>"myClonedProject", :transform=>"git://", :ji_path => File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), %w[.. tmp]) })

This would clone the iproject into ji_path. Then it would rename it to myClonedProject. It would also create “abowl” directory, which can be used with the unreleased MakeMoney iPhone and iPod touch programming framework.

You could use it in a Rails app maybe like this:

Transender::Ji.transform_and_zip({:app_title=>"myClonedProject", :transform=>"git://", :ji_path => File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), %w[.. tmp]) }) do |zip|
  render :text => zip

Or on the command line, like this:

transender git:// myFreshProject /projects/

If You just need to rename an existing project You can do this:

transender-rename myBadlyNamedProject/ myCoolNamedProject /My/Cool/Path/To/My/Hot/Projects/Path/


Nothing you would not have. Only the simple tools.

  • sed

  • tar

  • git

  • ruby


  • sudo gem install transender

  • sudo gem install mihael-transender –source


Copyright © Mihael. See LICENSE for details.