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Implementation of Newcombe et al. CVPR 2015 DynamicFusion paper
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Implementation of Newcombe et al. 2015 DynamicFusion paper.

This project is still in active development and does not yet reproduce the results of the paper accurately.

The code is based on this KinectFusion implemenation

Building instructions:

Ubuntu 16.04

Clone dynamicfusion and dependencies.

git clone --recursive

Install NVIDIA drivers.

  • Enable NVidia drivers (Search / Additional Drivers) selecting: "Using NVIDIA binary driver - version 375.66 from nvidia-375 (proprietary, tested)" "Using processor microcode firmware for Intel CPUs from intel-microcode (proprietary)"
  • Restart pc to complete installation

Alternatively a good tutorial with some common issues covered can be found here.

For fresh installs (this assumes you cloned your project in your home directory!):

chmod +x

If you are not on a fresh install, check for building instructions and dependencies.

If you want to build the tests as well, set -DBUILD_TESTS=ON.
To save frames showing the reconstruction progress, pass -DSAVE_RECONSTRUCTION_FRAMES=ON. The frames will be saved in <project_root>/output

To build documentation, go to the project root directory and execute

doxygen -g
doxygen Doxyfile


./build/bin/dynamicfusion data/umbrella



  • CUDA 5.0 or higher
  • OpenCV 2.4.8 or higher (modules opencv_core, opencv_highgui, opencv_calib3d, opencv_imgproc, opencv_viz). Make sure that WITH_VTK flag is enabled in CMake during OpenCV configuration.
  • Boost (libraries system, filesystem and program options. Only used in the demo. Tested with 1.64.0)
  • Ceres solver (Tested with version 1.13.0)

Implicit dependency (needed by opencv_viz):

  • VTK 5.8.0 or higher
  • SuiteSparse, BLAS and LAPACK for ceres Optional dependencies:
  • GTest for testing
  • Doxygen for documentation
  • OpenNI v1.5.4 for getting input straight from a kinect device.

Install NVIDIA drivers and CUDA


Download the dataset.
Create a data folder inside the project root directory.
Unzip the archive into data and remove any files that are not .png.
Inside data, create directories color and depth, and move color and depth frames to their corresponding folders.

To use with .oni captures or straight from a kinect device, use ./build/bin/dynamicfusion_kinect <path-to-oni> or ./build/bin/dynamicfusion_kinect <device_id>

Note: currently, the frame rate is too low (10s / frame) to be able to cope with live inputs, so it is advisable that you capture your input first.


DynamicFusion project page

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The example dataset is taken from the VolumeDeform project.

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