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import * as React from 'react';
import Emojify from 'react-emojione';
import StyledMessage from './StyledMessage';
import Nickname from '../Nickname';
import Timestamp from '../Timestamp';
import MicrolinkCard from '@microlink/react';
import Linkify from 'linkifyjs/react';
import * as getUrls from 'get-urls';
export interface IMessage {
from: string;
content: string;
time: string;
type: string;
class Message extends React.Component<{ message: IMessage }> {
public render() {
const { message } = this.props;
return (
<div id='nickname-container'>
{message.type === 'received' && <Nickname value={message.from}/>}
<Timestamp value={message.time} floatToRight={message.type === 'sent'}/>
<StyledMessage type={message.type}>
<Linkify><Emojify>{message.content} {this.parseURLs(message.content)}</Emojify></Linkify>
private parseURLs = (text: string) => {
const urls = getUrls(text);
if (!urls.size) {
const parsedUrls = Array.from(urls).map((url: string, idx: number) => (
<MicrolinkCard url={url} key={idx}/>
return <React.Fragment>
export default Message;