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Robot in a Maze

A. About

This is a homework for the Machine Learning Course that I am taking right now at my University.

The homework uses genetic algorithms in order to enable a robot to find its way out of a randomly generated maze.

The assignment is done in Haskell.

B. Usage

Run make run to build and start the application. The GUI is pretty simple to use.

The GUI shows a maze and each robot as it tries to go out of the maze. It is very funny to watch how the robot gets stuck then a random mutation evolves it to a new strategy and so on.

The application will also dump several informations to a file. Use ./ to plot them nicely or to learn what is dumped.

The maze was generated with Sidewinder's algorithm. The maximum fitness is somewhere around 100 * (n^2 - t) + 50 * t + 20 * n where n is the size of the maze and t is the length of the escape path.

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