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* @file id3graph.h
* @brief Displaying id3 classifiers
* @author Mihai Maruseac (
* @section DESCRIPTION
* IAUT1: ID3: Displaying id3 classifiers
* Contains the definitions for the various modes to display an id3
* classifier.
* @section QUOTE
* The wheel needs reinventing, but not just yet. (Nir Oren)
* @bug No known bugs.
#ifndef _ID3GRAPH_H
#define _ID3GRAPH_H
#define TABS 2 /**< @brief Tab stop for ASCII art display */
* @brief Bootstraps the outputing process.
* @param id3 File to read classifier from
* @param out Where to output
* @param graph_mode Graph output mode
* @return 0 on success, error code otherwise
int id3_output_graph(FILE *id3, FILE *out, int graph_mode);
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