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* @file id3test.h
* @brief Classifying instances using an id3 tree.
* @author Mihai Maruseac (
* @section DESCRIPTION
* IAUT1: ID3: Classifying instances using an id3 tree.
* Contains functions used to classify examples with an id3 classifier.
* @section QUOTE
* You've got to stop looking at the big picture. (Gunnar Grimnes)
* @bug No known bugs.
#ifndef _ID3TEST_H
#define _ID3TEST_H
* @brief Bootstraps the classifying phase.
* @param id3 File containing the classifier
* @param test File containing the test instances
* @param out File to output to.
* @return error status or 0
int id3_test(FILE *id3, FILE *test, FILE *out);
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