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Haskell IO manager for hiding the IO monad and related advanced concepts. Useful for beginners.
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This is a simple framework which hides away the IO monad and allows beginner students to write simple applications in Haskell without having to touch the IO monad for reading or writing to standard file descriptors or other files.

This skeleton comes with a simple example showing the usage of this system. As you can see, only three lines are to be copied by the student:

  • the module Main one
  • the import Training.MM.IOManager one
  • the main = wrapIO .. one

Everything else is free of advanced concepts like monads, mutability, strictness, etc.

This skeleton can be used to set up a homework which can then be automatically tested using tools like vmchecker


The repository contains an example code in SimpleEchoExample.hs: a demonstrative program which copies content from files (or stdin) to files (or stdout) depending on a description written at stdin.

Run make (or the usual cabal setup) to build it and then give as arguments the name of the files from which you want to read. Finish stdin with EOF (^D on Linux, ^Z on Windows).


./SimpleEchoExample Makefile M.out unused
Makefile out_Makefile
M.out out_Mout
@stdin out_stdin
@stdin @stdout

Due to Haskell's laziness, unused will not be read.

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