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Naaya Selenium Tests


  1. install selenium grid from
  2. install ant using you system's packaging tool
  3. get a copy of this repository in the src/ folder and add it to the develop portion of the naaya.cfg.
  4. add naaya.selenium as an egg to zope-instance in naaya.cfg.
  5. run buildout.

How to use:

  1. When you write a test, you create a SeleniumTestCase subclass with test_* methods, just like in a normal unittest.testcase or NaayaTestCase scenario.
  2. You don't need to explicitly create and load a TestSuite like it was done in unittest.testcase. nynose does this explicitly via nose.
  3. By subclassing SeleniumTestCase you have access to the following methods:
    • login_user(user, password): logins a user in the selenium created browser. Valid users are listed in NaayaTestCase under portal_fixture. Additionally, an administrator account is created by the NaayaPortalTestPlugin with username admin and empty password.
    • logout_user(): logouts any logged-in user
  4. In order to run the tests, you need to run ant launch-hub and ant launch-remote-control in selenium grid's directory. By default, they will use ports 4444 and 5555 but this can be changed.
  5. The NaayaSeleniumTestPlugin (loaded at nynose's startup just like NaayaPortalTestPlugin) will create a wsgi listener on a specific port and will serve all request coming from the selenium browser as if it was a Naaya site called portal.
  6. This plugin adds three options to nynose:
    • --ny-instance-port will change wsgi listener's port
    • --selenium-grid-port will change selenium remote control port
    • --ny-selenium-browsers will change the browser used in testing


Simply run the following command if defaults are ok:

bin/nynose naaya.selenium

To test with other Naaya modules (Products.Naaya for example) and change the defaults (the instance port in this example) run:

bin/nynose --ny-instance-port=12345 naaya.selenium Products.Naaya

If you wish, you can run the selenium tests with naaya:

bin/nynose naaya