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@@ -266,13 +266,32 @@ \subsection*{Letter recognition}
The generated model, however, it's not very good. We will debug it for the
later stages.
-\section*{Final version}
+\section{Final version}
\subsection*{Model training}
+Model training is done by using scripts provided by libSVM along with a tool
+named \texttt{gen2svm} that we previously developed to convert the images into
+a format readable by the SVM library. libSVM uses the \texttt{svm-train}
+executable to train a model. However, first the data provided needs to be
+scaled using \texttt{svm-scale}. This stage can already be executed in an
+automated fashion by a Python script called \texttt{}, that also
+displays a Gnuplot graph of the model while it's being constructed.
+\texttt{} builds an initial model that it then improves upon by doing
+n-fold cross-validation using a default number of sets $n = 5$. It then
+evaluates and outputs the accuracy of the obtained model on the entire training
+The script uses a Gaussian kernel to learn the classification model.
\subsection*{Model testing}
+After obtaining a model, we need to test it on a separate data set. We do this
+using mostly the same infrastructure, as described in Section
\subsection*{Finding a suitable model}

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