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zbucium music player with lyrics and scrobble support, among other things.

This is a Common Lisp library that can be used to build a more interactive music player on top, like the zbucium-stump player for the StumpWM window manager for which this library was created in the first place. But it can also be used as such. It depends on the lastfm, youtube and lyrics libraries by the same author. The songs are played from youtube with the mpv player, in the background, with input from


Install lastfm, youtube and the lyrics Common Lisp libraries from the same author. These are not yet in the quicklisp database but were developed specifically for this project. Since they might be useful in other context, they were written as libraries.

# clone to local-projects for quickload access
git clone ~/quicklisp/local-projects/zbucium
; Register the new project


You tell zbucium what to play and it will open an audio-only mpv instance in the background and play it. You can play single songs, single albums and, more interestingly, discover new music by playing similar artists or top songs from a given genre. You chose how many artists and songs to take into consideration. Fewer, for topsongs and hits, many for a more eclectic experience.

(play-song "anathema" "one last goodbye")

The lyrics of the current playing song can also be retrieved.

    => "How I needed you
        How I grieve now you're gone
        In my dreams I see you ...."

Even if you don't request the lyrics, they are requested and saved by default.

All the other functionality you would expect from a player are now available, like play/pause, seek, stop or request the opening of the youtube page in your default browser.

But you can also feed the player an infinite stream of songs, thanks to the generators provided by the lastfm library. This will play the best 30 songs from anathema (based on the recomendations), at random, until yout stop it or until you chose to play something else.

(play-artist "anathema" 30 T)

Or play random songs from random artists similar to the given artist. You have to select how many artists to consider and how many songs for each of those artists to take into consideration. The lower the value, the better the chances to play more similar artists and more top songs/hits for thos similar artists. The higher the values, the higher the chances to discover hidden gems.

; Play the best three matching artists and play from the best ten songs for
; those matching artists
(play-artist-similar "anathema" 3 10)
    => ("Riverside" "Second Life Syndrome")
    => ("Katatonia" "Leaders")


play-song artist song

Play a single song and then quit.

play-artist artist nsongs random

Play the best nsongs, as reported by, for the given artist, in
random order or one after another. 

play-album artist album

Play a single album from the given artist.

play-tag tag nsongs random

Play the best songs for this tag (genre, usually). There is a similar
`play-tag-similar` function but the results are different.

play-user-songs username nsongs random

Play the first nsongs from the list of user loved songs. Can be played at
random or one after another.

play-my-loved-songs nsongs random

Play from the list of my loved songs. The username in this case is base on
the lastfm configuration.

play-artist-similar artist nartists nsongs

Picks a random artist from the top nartists that says are the most
similar to this artist. After that, pick a random song from the first best
nsongs of the selected artist and play it. 

play-tag-similar tag nartists nsongs

Picks a random artist from the top nartists that says are the most
representative for this tag (genre, usually). After that, pick a random song
from the first best nsongs of the selected artist and play it.


Return an array with two strings. The first string is the currently playing
artist and the seconds one the currently playing song name. Both are NIL if
nothing is playing.


Return a printable representation of the artist and song currently
playing. Returns NIL if the player is stopped.


Get the song lyrics for the currently playing song


Use the lastfm library to add the currently playing song to the
loved list for the configured user. Authentication is needed for this
function to work. See the `lastfm` installation requirements.


Similar as `love-song`, only it removes the songs from the list.


Play the next songs in the playlist


Stop the player

Interfaces exported from lyrics


Return a list of entries, where each entry is a list with the artist name,
the song name and the verse line where the lyrics appears. The artist name and
song can be used to request the full lyrics. There can be multiple entries for
the same artist/song combination.

Interfaces Exported from youtube


Toggle playing status.


Rewind the song at the beginning, effectively replaying it.

seek seconds

Forward or backward play by seconds, if the seconds is negative.


Current playing song position, in percent.


Current playing song position, in seconds, as string.


Current playing song duration, in MM:SS format, as string.

switch-to-browser &key (from-beginning nil)

Pause the player and open the youtube page of the current playing song in the
user default browser. If `from-beginning` is T, start playing from the beginning,
otherwise continue from where the player was. 


Quit mpv and restart it in video mode, locally (i.e. not in the browser)


Copyright (c) 2019 Mihai Olteanu

Licensed under the GPLv3 license.


A Common Lisp library for a music player






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