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In Progress



  • More code comments
  • Cache MessageInfo objects instead of raw IMAP replies, to speed up replay speed
  • Reduce memory consumption
  • Wiki page outlining basic design
  • Total unique recipients, senders, lists.
  • Refactor jwzthreading.py to not run into recursion limits
  • Combine recipients/senders based on --me input


  • Run on Enron corpus and upload results
  • Add JS obfuscation for printed email addresses
  • Tarball for downloads



  • Top N tables of domains for senders, recipients
  • Mailbox size over time
  • Support non-Gmail servers (go through all mailboxes instead of just All Mail)
  • Split out sent mail, starred, etc.
  • Break down by all mail vs. label
  • X-mailer distribution
  • Attachment extension distribution



Finished on 12/25/2007

  • Fetch mail headers for all mail
  • Fetch labels for all mail
  • Record/replay support for FETCH to speed up development
  • Optimize StringScanner
  • Chart with messages by day of week
  • Chart with messages by time of day
  • Chart with messages per year
  • Chart with messages per month
  • Chart with messages per day
  • Column layout


Finished on 1/1/2008

  • Table with top recipients (messages and bytes)
  • Add tabs (date, size, sender, recipient)
  • Table with top senders (messages and bytes)
  • Table with top list-ids's (messages and bytes)
  • Title with total counts, date range
  • Size distribution
  • Table with top messages by size
  • Improve SubjectSenderFormatter (max length/clipping, better from name extraction, tooltip with email address)
  • Dividers between years in month drop-down
  • Skip over empty stats in stat collections (e.g. months with no data)


Finished on 1/21/2008

  • Handle encoded names/subjects
  • Linkify messages/senders/recipients to searches
  • Normalize +addresses
  • Remove "All Mail" from all stat titles
  • Thread list stats
  • Instead of using longest name for an address, use the most common
  • Thread length stats
  • Thread sender stats
  • Construct threads from in-reply-to


Finished on 3/16/2008

  • Table with top senders to me
  • Table with top recipients from me
  • Allow "me" email addresses to be specified
  • Allow things to be excluded
  • Filled graph of senders
  • Filled graph of recipients
  • Filled graph of lists
  • Split up stats.py
  • Add support for secure password entry (getpass module)
  • Split up large threads that rely purely on subjects
  • Getting started wiki page
  • Better progress in output (when fetching a chunk, say how many are left)
  • Link to SVN log feed
  • Distribution of senders to me
  • Distribution of recipients from me
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