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import itertools
import json
import logging
import os.path
import urllib
import xml.etree.cElementTree as ET
import third_party.web as web
import base.api
import base.atom
import base.paths
class ApiHandler:
def _read_json_data_file(self, data_file_name):
data_path = os.path.join(
web.config.reader_archive_directory, 'data', data_file_name)
with open(data_path) as data_file:
return json.load(data_file)
class ItemContentsHandler(ApiHandler):
def _fetch_render_item_refs(self, stream_id, item_refs, continuation):
item_entries = []
for item_ref in item_refs:
item_entry = base.atom.load_item_entry(
web.config.reader_archive_directory, item_ref.item_id)
if item_entry:
item_refs_by_item_id = {i.item_id: i for i in item_refs}
stream_ids_by_item_id = web.config.reader_stream_ids_by_item_id
friends_by_stream_id = web.config.reader_friends_by_stream_id
items_json = []
for e in item_entries:
item_stream_ids = stream_ids_by_item_id.get(e.item_id.int_form, [])
timestamp_usec = item_refs_by_item_id[e.item_id].timestamp_usec
if not timestamp_usec:
# We don't have timestamps in the item ref when doing a separate item
# contents request.
timestamp_usec = e.crawl_time_msec * 1000
item_json = {
'id': e.item_id.atom_form,
'crawlTimeMsec': str(int(timestamp_usec/1000)),
'timestampUsec': str(timestamp_usec),
'published': e.published_sec,
'updated': e.updated_sec,
'title': e.title,
'content': {
# Unfortunately Atom output did not appear to contain writing
# direction.
'direction': 'ltr',
'content': e.content,
'categories': item_stream_ids,
'origin': {
'streamId': e.origin.stream_id,
'title': e.origin.title,
'htmlUrl': e.origin.html_url,
'annotations': [
'content': a.content,
'author': a.author_name,
'userId': a.author_user_id,
'profileId': a.author_profile_id,
} for a in e.annotations
# We have comment data, but the Reader JS can't show it, so there's no
# point in outputting it.
'comments': [],
# Ditto for likers
'likingUsers': [],
# Prevents the keep unread item action from showing up.
'isReadStateLocked': True,
vias_json = []
for item_stream_id in item_stream_ids:
if item_stream_id in friends_by_stream_id:
friend = friends_by_stream_id[item_stream_id]
if friend.is_current_user:
'href': '' % item_stream_id,
'title': '%s\'s shared items' % friend.display_name,
if vias_json:
item_json['via'] = vias_json
for link in e.links:
if not link.relation:
link_json = {}
if link.href:
link_json['href'] = link.href
if link.type:
link_json['type'] = link.type
if link.title:
link_json['title'] = link.title
if link.length:
link_json['length'] = link.length
if link_json:
item_json.setdefault(link.relation, []).append(link_json)
if e.author_name:
item_json['author'] = e.author_name
response_json = {
'direction': 'ltr',
'id': stream_id,
'title': '', # TODO
'items': items_json,
if stream_id in friends_by_stream_id:
response_json['author'] = friends_by_stream_id[stream_id].display_name
if continuation:
response_json['continuation'] = continuation
return json.dumps(response_json)
class SubscriptionList(ApiHandler):
def GET(self):
subscriptions_json = self._read_json_data_file('subscriptions.json')
subscriptions = [
base.api.Subscription.from_json(s) for s in subscriptions_json]
return json.dumps({
'subscriptions': [
'id': s.stream_id,
'title': s.title,
'categories': [
'id': si,
'label': si[si.rfind('/') + 1:],
} for si in s.insert_stream_ids
'sortid': s.sort_id,
'firstitemmsec': str(int(s.first_item_usec/1000)),
'htmlUrl': s.html_url,
} for s in subscriptions
class TagList(ApiHandler):
def GET(self):
tags_json = self._read_json_data_file('tags.json')
tags = [base.api.Tag.from_json(t) for t in tags_json]
return json.dumps({
'tags': [
'id': t.stream_id,
'sortid': t.sort_id,
} for t in tags
class RecommendationList(ApiHandler):
def GET(self):
recommendations_json = self._read_json_data_file('recommendations.json')
logging.warning('Could not load preferences, using empty list',
recommendations_json = []
recommendations = [
base.api.Recommendation.from_json(r) for r in recommendations_json]
count = int(web.input(n=4).n)
if count < len(recommendations):
recommendations = recommendations[:count]
return json.dumps({
'recs': [
'streamId': r.stream_id,
'title': r.title,
'snippet': '',
'impressionTime': 0,
} for r in recommendations
class PreferenceList(ApiHandler):
def GET(self):
preferences_json = self._read_json_data_file('preferences.json')
logging.warning('Could not load preferences, using defaults',
preferences_json = {}
# Disable G+ share and email actions, since they won't work. Abdulla: your
# feature finally gets some use!
preferences_json['item-actions'] = json.dumps({
'plusone-action': True,
'share-action': False,
'email-action': False,
'tags-action': True
# Oldest first is no longer limited to the last 30 days, don't show the
# interruption that warns about that.
preferences_json['show-oldest-interrupt'] = 'false'
# We want to show all archived items by default.
preferences_json['read-items-visible'] = 'true'
# Always start with the overview page, since that shows some explanatory
# text.
preferences_json['start-page'] = 'home'
# Turn off more "helpful" interruptions.
preferences_json['show-scroll-help'] = 'false'
preferences_json['show-search-clarification'] = 'false'
preferences_json['show-blogger-following-intro'] = 'false'
if 'lhn-prefs' in preferences_json:
# Make sure that we show all unread counts for the LHN sections, since
# they're not really unread counts anymore.
lhn_prefs = json.loads(preferences_json['lhn-prefs'])
for section_json in lhn_prefs.values():
section_json['suc'] = 'true'
# Collapse the recommendations/explore section by default, it's not really
# the user's data.
if 'recommendations' in lhn_prefs:
lhn_prefs['recommendations']['ism'] = 'true'
preferences_json['lhn-prefs'] = json.dumps(lhn_prefs)
return json.dumps({
'prefs': [
'id': id,
'value': value,
} for id, value in preferences_json.iteritems()
class StreamPreferenceList(ApiHandler):
def GET(self):
stream_preferences_json = self._read_json_data_file(
logging.warning('Could not load stream preferences, using defaults',
stream_preferences_json = {}
return json.dumps({
'streamprefs': {
stream_id: [
'id': id,
'value': value,
} for id, value in prefs.iteritems()
] for stream_id, prefs in stream_preferences_json.iteritems()
class UnreadCount(ApiHandler):
def GET(self):
return json.dumps({
'max': 1000000,
'unreadcounts': [
'id': stream_id,
'count': len(stream_items[0]),
} for stream_id, stream_items in
class StreamContents(ItemContentsHandler):
def GET(self, stream_id):
stream_id = urllib.unquote_plus(stream_id)
input = web.input(n=20, c=0, r='d')
count = int(input.n)
continuation = int(input.c)
ranking = input.r
# The read and starred items stream don't display a sorting UI, so they'll
# always be requested in the newest-first order. We instead support
# generating a URL that will include the desired sorting in the stream ID
if stream_id.endswith('-oldest-first'):
stream_id = stream_id[:-13]
ranking = 'o'
if stream_id.startswith('user/-/'):
stream_id = 'user/' + web.config.reader_user_info.user_id + stream_id[6:]
stream_items = web.config.reader_stream_items_by_stream_id.get(stream_id)
if not stream_items:
return web.notfound('Stream ID %s was not archived' % stream_id)
item_refs = []
if ranking != 'o':
start_index = continuation
end_index = continuation + count
start_index = -continuation - count
end_index = -continuation if continuation else None
chunk_stream_item_ids = stream_items[0][start_index:end_index]
chunk_stream_item_timestamps = stream_items[1][start_index:end_index]
if ranking == 'o':
chunk_stream_item_ids = tuple(reversed(chunk_stream_item_ids))
chunk_stream_item_timestamps = tuple(reversed(chunk_stream_item_timestamps))
for item_id_int_form, timestamp_usec in itertools.izip(
chunk_stream_item_ids, chunk_stream_item_timestamps):
item_id = base.api.ItemId(int_form=item_id_int_form)
base.api.ItemRef(item_id=item_id, timestamp_usec=timestamp_usec))
next_continuation = continuation + count \
if continuation + count < len(stream_items[0]) else None
return self._fetch_render_item_refs(stream_id, item_refs, next_continuation)
class StreamItemsIds(ApiHandler):
def GET(self):
input = web.input(r='d')
stream_id = input.s
count = int(input.n)
ranking = input.r
stream_items = web.config.reader_stream_items_by_stream_id.get(stream_id)
if not stream_items:
return web.notfound('Stream ID %s was not archived' % stream_id)
item_refs = [
base.api.ItemRef(base.api.ItemId(item_id_int_form), timestamp_usec)
for item_id_int_form, timestamp_usec in itertools.izip(*stream_items)
return json.dumps({
'itemRefs': [
'id': item_ref.item_id.decimal_form,
'timestampUsec': item_ref.timestamp_usec,
'directStreamIds': [],
} for item_ref in item_refs
class StreamItemsContents(ItemContentsHandler):
def POST(self):
input = web.input(i=[])
item_refs = []
for item_id_decimal_form in input.i:
return self._fetch_render_item_refs(, item_refs, continuation=None)
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