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Comprehensive archive of a Google Reader account.

Unlike Google Reader's Takeout support, provides a complete archive of a Reader account's data. This includes:

  • All your read items
  • All your starred items
  • All your tagged items
  • All your shared items
  • All the shared items from the people you were following.
  • All the comments on shared items
  • All your liked items
  • All items you've kept unread, emailed, read on your phone, clicked on or otherwise interacted with.
  • All items that have appeared in one of your subscriptions
  • All items that were recommended to you
  • All items in the (English) "Explore" section
  • All the profiles of the people you were following before the sharepocalypse.
  • All your preferences.

To use it:

bin/reader_archive --output_directory=~/Downloads/reader_archive

A browser window will appear asking you to authorize the app. Once you do, you'll be given a code to paste back into the terminal (you can also use the --use_client_login flag to instead be prompted for your Google Account username and password). See this wiki page for an explanation of the archive format. The intent is to be comprehensive, such that other tools that use the archive data may be created.

The archiving process can take a while, depending on the size of your account and your internet connection. For an account with 300,000 read items, the process took about 10 minutes and generated 1 GB of data.

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