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A MagicMirror module that displays random Wikipedia snippets. It's a trimmed down version of Qwiki. The module uses the free Wikipedia api. Screenshot

Using the module

To use this module,

  • Clone the repo in the modules directory:
git clone
  • Add it to the modules array in the config/config.js file.

copy this to your config.js

"modules": [{
    module: "MMM-wiki",
    position: "bottom",
    config: {
        updateInterval: 30000,
        language: "en",
        characterLimit: 500,
        category: "DidYouKnow",
        badTitles: [
        badContents: [
            "This article",
            "See also",
            "redirects here",
            "The following outline",
            "may refer to"

Configuration options

The following properties can be configured:

Option Description
updateInterval How often do the articles change? (Milliseconds) Default value: 30000.
language The language of the articles. Default value: en.
characterLimit The maximum number of characters that will be displayed. Default value: 500.
category If category is set to "DidYouKnow" then the module will show random 'did you know?' items from Wikipedia. Otherwise it will show random articles. Currently did you know? only works for the English language. Default value: undefined.
badTitles Articles with the given keywords in the title will be omitted. Default value: [Graphical, timeline, List].
badContents Articles with the given keywords in the content will be omitted. Default value: [This article, See also, redirects here, The following outline, may refer to].
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