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Copyright (C) 2008, 2009 Mihai Şucan
$URL: $
$Date: 2009-10-10 20:37:32 +0300 $
PaintWeb is a Web application which allows users to draw inside the Web browser
making use of new Web technologies.
This folder holds the PaintWeb source code, documentation and the packaged
PaintWeb build.
A Web browser which implements the HTML 5 <canvas> 2D context API.
Known to work are: Opera 9.5+, Firefox 3+, Safari 3.1+, Konqueror 4.1+.
Each Web browser has its minor quirks.
Internet Explorer does not support Canvas. This application does not work in
this Web browser.
You can use PaintWeb inside Moodle, or you may integrate PaintWeb into your
project via TinyMCE. The "ext" folder holds a TinyMCE plugin which integrates
PaintWeb into TinyMCE. Please check the documentation for further details:
If you want to learn how to repackage PaintWeb yourself, please see the
Files and folders in this package:
build/ - holds the packaged PaintWeb build.
CHANGES - holds a chronologically ordered list of changes. - the default Makefile configuration.
COPYING - the GPLv3 license.
demos/ - holds usage demos with PaintWeb.
docs/ - holds project documentation.
ext/ - holds code for integrating PaintWeb into external projects. For
example, there's code for Moodle and TinyMCE integration.
INSTALL - PaintWeb packaging instructions.
Makefile - the Makefile script which drives the PaintWeb packaging process.
README - this file
scripts/ - holds scripts used for PaintWeb packaging.
src/ - holds the PaintWeb source code.
tests/ - holds various tests made during the development of PaintWeb.
Get in contact:
- You can ask questions about the project in the public mailing list of the
project. You can post your message by sending an email to
- You can contact me via email at or via my site Any feedback is always welcome.
- I am always looking for volunteers to help me with coding - there's lots of
work to do. We can collaborate via Gtalk, Yahoo, IRC, ICQ and anyhow you like.
- On IRC I'm online everyday on Just /query ROBOd - my
Thank you!
vim:set spell spl=en fenc=utf-8 ff=unix:
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