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Copyright (C) 2008, 2009 Mihai Şucan
$URL: $
$Date: 2009-10-10 20:33:25 +0300 $
You don't need to install this Web application. Just open a demo from the demos
folder in your Web browser. For documentation please check the API reference and
the wiki pages published at
Repackaging PaintWeb
Important folders:
- src/ - holds the source code spread across multiple files.
- build/ - holds the packaged build.
- scripts/ - holds scripts used for packaging.
If you make changes to files in the src/ folder you may want to repackage
PaintWeb - regenerate the build folder.
- PHP 5+
- Makefile support. Usually, you get this really easily and quickly on any
Linux distribution. Tested with Ubuntu.
- Java VM.
- YUI Compressor. This is used for compressing JavaScript and CSS files. Get
it from:
- jsdoc-toolkit. This is used for generating the API reference documentation
based on the source code. Get it from:
Make sure you unpack jsdoc-toolkit and yuicompressor and you have both scripts
working fine with your Java VM.
Run the following command in your PaintWeb folder:
make config
Now you have Open it and make sure:
- BIN_PHP points to your PHP binary.
- FOLDER_YUIC points to your YUI Compressor unpacked folder.
- FOLDER_JSDOCT points to your jsdoc-toolkit unpacked folder.
Now you are ready!
Run make
To generate the build folder run:
You will have build/paintweb.src.js for debugging purposes.
To generate the API reference documentation run:
make docs
To get an archived PaintWeb package as a release simply run:
make release
That will give you a file like paintweb-0.9.tar.bz2. The version number is
determined automatically.
You can also make a snapshot of PaintWeb:
make snapshot
Snapshots have the build date included. For example
If you want to make a custom build of PaintWeb for Moodle 1.9 or Moodle 2.0 then
make moodle19
make moodle20
This will make sure that the Moodle extension for PaintWeb is included in the
To generate a tags file from the PaintWeb source code run:
make tags
That's about all. Enjoy!
vim:set spell spl=en fenc=utf-8 ff=unix: