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Copyright (C) 2008, 2009, 2010 Mihai Şucan
$URL: $
$Date: 2014-01-28 12:33:54 $
PaintWeb is a Web application which allows users to draw inside the Web browser
making use of new Web technologies.
This folder holds the PaintWeb source code, documentation and the packaged
PaintWeb build.
A Web browser which implements the HTML 5 <canvas> 2D context API.
Known to work are: Opera 9.5+, Firefox 3+, Safari 3.1+, Chrome 3+, Konqueror
4.1+, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+.
Each Web browser has its minor quirks.
You can use PaintWeb inside Moodle, or you may integrate PaintWeb into your
project via TinyMCE. The "ext" folder holds a TinyMCE plugin which integrates
PaintWeb into TinyMCE. Please check the documentation for further details:
If you want to learn how to repackage PaintWeb yourself, please see the
Files and folders in this package:
build/ - holds the packaged PaintWeb build.
CHANGES - holds a chronologically ordered list of changes. - the default Makefile configuration.
LICENSE - the BSD license.
demos/ - holds usage demos with PaintWeb.
docs/ - holds project documentation.
ext/ - holds code for integrating PaintWeb into external projects. For
example, there's code for Moodle and TinyMCE integration.
INSTALL - PaintWeb packaging instructions.
Makefile - the Makefile script which drives the PaintWeb packaging process.
README - this file
scripts/ - holds scripts used for PaintWeb packaging.
src/ - holds the PaintWeb source code.
tests/ - holds various tests made during the development of PaintWeb.
Get in contact:
- You can ask questions about the project in the public mailing list of the
project. You can post your message by sending an email to
- You can contact me via email at or via my site Any feedback is always welcome.
- I am always looking for volunteers to help me with coding - there's lots of
work to do. We can collaborate via Gtalk, Yahoo, IRC, ICQ and anyhow you like.
- On IRC I'm online everyday on Just /query ROBOd - my
Thank you!
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