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Dotfiles I use with MacOS Sierra mostly for Web Development.


  1. System defaults and Dock icons setup
  2. Git config with aliases, Git global ignore
  3. Global aliases
  4. Functions, colored man page, mk for making folder and entering it, extract to extract any compressed file, e to read .env file variables in pwd, sphp to switch php versions using brew-php-switcher with skip for apache
  5. Custom /etc/hosts file with blocked Ads, Trackers & 🔥 stuff on internet
  6. Inconsolata font used in PhpStorm, Sublime, Fira Code used in iTerm2
  7. iTerm2 profile, oh-my-zsh taybalt theme
  8. ssh-manager command to manage ssh config hosts and keys, including copy public keys to clipboard, transfer to server and more with autocomplete
  9. Packages / CLI (brew, brew cask, dockutil, htop, iftop, openssl, tig, composer, nmap, php70, php71, php72, brew-php-switcher, git, subversion, nvm with node/npm (node 6.2 with latest working npm, LTS node with latest working npm), python3, thefuck, wget, yarn, zsh, zsh-completions, sqlmap, aircrack-ng)
  10. Applications (alfred, google-chrome, slack, spotify, sublime-text, vlc, phpstorm, sequel-pro, filezilla, postman, iterm2, teamviewer, lastpass, spectacle, appcleaner, skype)
  11. Valet for web development
  12. dotfiles binary to manage dotfiles functions with autocomplete
  13. code function to cd into project with directory autocomplete (code dotfiles will move you into ~/Code/dotfiles, with directories dotfiles and dots and typing code dot then hitting tab will autocomplete you directories matching name dot)


On fresh installation of MacOS:

sudo softwareupdate -i -a
xcode-select --install

Clone and install dotfiles:

git clone ~/dotfiles
cd ~/dotfiles
git checkout v3.12
cd ~/dotfiles/install
chmod +wx
chmod -R +wx ~/dotfiles/bin

Additional steps

  1. Install fonts
  2. In iterm Preferences > General > Load preferences from a custom folder or URL and set it to ~/dotfiles/iterm
  3. Import PhpStorm settings
  4. sudo reboot
  5. Enjoy

The dotfiles command

$ dotfiles
→ Usage: dotfiles <command>

   help             This help message
   update           Update packages and pkg managers (OS, brew, npm, yarn, commposer)
   clean            Clean up caches (brew, npm, yarn, composer)
   symlinks         Run symlinks script
   brew             Run brew script
   node             Run node setup script
   valet            Run valet script
   ohmyzsh          Run oh my zsh script
   hosts            Run hosts script
   defaults         Run MacOS defaults script
   dock             Run MacOS dock script

The ssh-manager command

$ ssh-manager
→ Usage: ssh-manager <command>

   help             This help message
   list             List of all SSH keys and hosts in SSH config
   list-keys        List of all SSH keys
   copy             Copy public SSH key
   new              Generate new SSH key
   host             Add host to SSH config, use --key to generate new key
   remove           Remove host from SSH config
   list-host        List of all hosts in SSH config


Many thanks to the dotfiles community and the creators of the incredibly useful tools.