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Keybroad is a tiny app that starts up with your Mac and helps you type faster and more comfortable. It also automatically formats your text the way typography nerds do.
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Keybroad II

Keybroad is a tiny app that starts up with your Mac and helps you type faster and more comfortable. It also automatically formats your text the way typography nerds do.


Download the latest Keybroad's release.

The Double-Space

You've already seen KB's key feature on your iPhone and iPad: press the SPACE button twice to type DOT+SPACE after the last word you've entered. This little improvement helps to unify the experiences and switch from typing on iPhone or iPad to your Mac seamlessly. Auto-capitalization included.

Selected text

The CMD+CTRL+T makes you selected text beautiful.


Besides that helpful shortcut for DOT+SPACE, Keybroad automatically inserts special symbols and corrects punctuations as you type, so your texts look cleaner and more professional:

Input Output
-- Two hyphens (em dash)
 -  Hyphen surrounded by spaces  —  (unbreakable space + em dash + space)
(c) ©
(r) ®
+- ±
/= Also works as \=
|^ Also works as ^|
2-1 Hyphen surrounded by any two digits 2−1 (minus sign added)
1x2 letter x surrounded by any two digits 1×2 (multiplication sign added)
31oc Also works as 31dc 31 °C
31of Also works as 31df 31 °F
Cyrillic Keyboard Layout Output
.. Two dots (comma and space)
3ю14 3.14
3б14 3,14
3ж14 3:14
3ч14 Also works as 3х14 3×14
Spanish Keyboard Layout Output
!abc Exclamation sign before any word ¡abc
?abc Question sign before any word ¿abc

Everywhere you need it

Keybroad works with every app we've tested, from TextEdit to Photoshop.

And nowhere if you don't

If you want to prevent any autocorrections, you can turn Keybroad off for any specific app with two clicks or even shut it down completely by right-clicking the menubar icon.

To prevent autocorrection just once, press the right arrow button while typing combinations listed on the left.

Unbreakable spaces

Keybroad automatically adds unbreakable spaces before em dashes and after articles, conjunctions and prepositions, so they won't be hanging on the end of the line.

Useful CapsLock button*

CapsLock is useless, everybody knows it. But it's also the only button with personal light indicator, which is helpful in case you need to display current status of something. Keyboard layout for instance. Easily set up layouts you wish to switch and get one-button hardware-indicated switcher.

*Option will be available for users with two or more input sources added in OS settings.

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