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More specific description of user fields.

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mihanovak committed Jun 4, 2012
1 parent 7e228f1 commit 1e7a9ac9dad1fa2523dd022c57bde8c2fea8d699
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@@ -209,17 +209,25 @@ class FoursquareBackend(MongoEngineBackend):
photo - URL of a profile picture for this user.
gender - A user's gender: male, female, or none.
relationship - (Optional) The relationship of the acting user (me) to this user (them).
- Fields present in user details:
- type, contact, pings, badges, checkins, mayorships, tips, todos, photos, friends, followers,
- requests, pageInfo.
+ type - One of page, celebrity, or user. Users can establish following relationships with celebrities.
+ contact - An object containing none, some, or all of twitter, facebook, email, and phone. Both are strings.
+ pings - (Optional) Pings from this user.
+ badges - Contains the count of badges for this user. May eventually contain some selected badges
+ checkins - Contains the count of checkins by this user. May contain the most recent checkin as an array.
+ mayorships - Contains the count of mayorships for this user and an items array that for now is empty.
+ tips - Contains the count of tips from this user. May contain an array of selected tips as items.
+ todos - Contains the count of todos this user has. May contain an array of selected todos as items.
+ photos - Contains the count of photos this user has. May contain an array of selected photos as items.
+ friends - Contains count of friends for this user and groups of users who are friends.
+ followers - Contains count of followers for this user, if they are a page or celebrity
+ requests - Contains count of pending friend requests for this user.
+ pageInfo - Contains a detailed page, if they are a page.
def authenticate(self, foursquare_access_token, request):
# Retrieve user's profile information
# TODO: Handle error, what if request was denied?
- foursquare_user_data = json.load(urllib.urlopen('' % urllib.urlencode({'oauth_token': foursquare_access_token})))
- foursquare_profile_data = foursquare_user_data['response']['user']
+ foursquare_profile_data = json.load(urllib.urlopen('' % urllib.urlencode({'oauth_token': foursquare_access_token})))['response']['user']
user = self.user_class.objects.get(foursquare_profile_data__id=foursquare_profile_data.get('id'))

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