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@@ -41,9 +41,6 @@ settings should match those configured in Nginx.
.. _py-hbpush:
-We do not want our push server to be publicly accessible, so ``INTERNAL_IPS``
-should be configured for passthrough to work.
You should add passthrough URLs to ````, matching URL configured in
@@ -55,5 +52,18 @@ settings::
# ...
+Passthrough URLs are not publicly accessible, so you should use
+``INTERNAL_IPS`` to configure from which IPs they should be accessible. As you
+will probably run both Djagno development server and push server daemon on the
+same machine, this is probably simply::
+ '',
+ )
+When used in production where Nginx is making passthrough requests, it should
+match IP(s) on which you have Nginx running.
If you do not need or want passthrough just do not define it in ``PUSH_SERVER``
-setting. Passthrough URLs are also not needed in this case.
+setting. Passthrough URLs and ` INTERNAL_IPS`` setting are also not needed in
+this case.

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