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package main
import (
// the type we'll be passing back and forth
type Book struct {
Author, Title string
// a data store, simulated by a global variable
var books map[string]Book
func init() {
books = make(map[string]Book)
// note that the return type is interface indicating an empty response body
// curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -XPUT -d '{"Author": "Alexander Pushkin", "Title": "Evgeniy Onegin"}' -f -v http://localhost:34334/books/foo
func PutBook(u *url.URL, h http.Header, book *Book) (status int, responseHeaders http.Header, _ interface{}, err error) {
books[u.Query().Get("book_id")] = *book
return 200, responseHeaders, nil, nil
// note that the input argument type in interface{} indicating an empty request body - common for GETs
// curl -f -v http://localhost:34334/books/foo
func GetBook(u *url.URL, h http.Header, _ interface{}) (status int, responseHeaders http.Header, book *Book, err error) {
if book, ok := books[u.Query().Get("book_id")]; !ok {
return 0, responseHeaders, nil, tigertonic.NotFound{errors.New("No such book")}
} else {
return 200, responseHeaders, &book, nil
func wrapHandler(name string, h http.Handler) http.Handler {
return tigertonic.CountedByStatusXX(
func main() {
mux := tigertonic.NewTrieServeMux()
mux.Handle("GET", "/books/{book_id}", wrapHandler("get-book", tigertonic.Marshaled(GetBook)))
mux.Handle("PUT", "/books/{book_id}", wrapHandler("put-book", tigertonic.Marshaled(PutBook)))
server := tigertonic.NewServer("localhost:34334", mux)
go metrics.Log(metrics.DefaultRegistry, time.Second*10, log.New(os.Stdout, "", 0))