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Commits on Dec 30, 2012
  1. EGTM VSN advanced by 0.0.1 due to egtm_env news;

    Tomas Morstein authored
  2. Radical update of GT.M environment initialization;

    Tomas Morstein authored
    In previous versions, the GT.M variable environment
    was configured separately for GT.M itself and separately
    for EGTM NIF module where it was hardcoded in egtm_worker.
    Since the priv/gtmenv cannot be loaded from egtm during
    runtime (variables should apply on the entire BEAM VM),
    we decided to write priv/listenv shellscript that dumps
    all the gtmenv variables so that Erlang (egtm_env) can
    load it via Erlang port (pipe-reader) mechanism
    and set the BEAM environment using os:putenv just before
    EGTM application starts, just before the EGTM NIF shared
    library is loaded.
    Everything is configured from priv/gtmenv and works
    perfectly now!
  3. EGTM VSN update to 0.2.3;

    Tomas Morstein authored
    Note: we dont use Vx.y.z format anymore since 0.2.2,
    because it's much more simple to use just x.y.z-like
    tags rather.
  4. gtmenv & initdb improvements;

    Tomas Morstein authored
    - UTF-8 by default;
    - database files changed to be referenced using environment
      variables so that EGTM installation can be moved between
      directories without need to modify paths in Global Directory;
    - EGTM_CUSTOM_ENV variable can be externally defined to enforce
      application-specific customizations made to GT.M environment
    - badchar turned off;
    - noundef options turned off by default;
    - nocenable enabled by default (GT.M overrides Erlang's Ctrl-C
      behaviour so that if you press Ctrl-C in Erlang prompt when
      the EGTM is launched, you will get GT.M direct mode what might
      not be so good for Erlang/OTP runtime);
    - nice GT.M prompt :-)
  5. EGTM VSN update;

    Tomas Morstein authored
  6. README: GT.M compatibility notes;

    Tomas Morstein authored
  7. Nasty bug in (z)kill calltab definition fixed;

    Tomas Morstein authored
    Kill/ZKill operations accepts one input argument
    and does not return anything.
    They were incorrectly defined to return a value
    even if the M code ended up with argument-less QUIT.
    Since GT.M call-in API treats the first argument
    like variable where to store a return value of
    call-in function, our input argument was modified
    by an empty result what made GT.M to SIGSEGV in
    all the cases when the kill/zkill was called more
    than once.
  8. Formatting stuff moved to egtm_util_fmt;

    Tomas Morstein authored
    All the MUMPS data formatting/encoding/decoding stuff
    moved to a separate module egtm_util_fmt which can
    be easily used from another project that need to
    communicate with MUMPS somehow.
    A good example of such a project might be a code
    generator of native MUMPS routines useful for
    optimizing some higher level stuff.
  9. egtm:format_gvn performance tuning;

    Tomas Morstein authored
  10. Default options for $Get-Cache and native getp;

    Tomas Morstein authored
  11. Quick'n'dirty $Get-$Piece optimization cache;

    Tomas Morstein authored
  12. Default $gtm_dist changed to not contain GT.M VSN;

    Tomas Morstein authored
Commits on Aug 19, 2012
  1. EDoc update;

    Tomas Morstein authored
  2. README update;

    Tomas Morstein authored
Commits on Aug 11, 2012
  1. Longstring fix to preserve original root value;

    Tomas Morstein authored
    Longstring set/get/kill operations applied
    on [s1, s2, .., sn] subscript operates on
    [s1, s2, ..., sn, N] subscript, so the original
    value of [s1, s2, ..., sn] should be preserved.
    That's what we've just fixed!
Commits on Aug 10, 2012
  1. Intrinsic variable getter egtm:iget introduced;

    Tomas Morstein authored
  2. Lock helper util;

    Tomas Morstein authored
  3. Key/Value escaping bugfix;

    Tomas Morstein authored
  4. longstring_set value conversion to string;

    Tomas Morstein authored
Commits on Aug 3, 2012
  1. Broken ?metrics macro fix;

    Tomas Morstein authored
Commits on Jul 30, 2012
  1. First public source opening -> GitHub;

    Tomas Morstein authored
  2. first commit

    Tomas Morstein authored
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