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2007-07-23 Corrado Santoro <>
* Integration of ERESYE 1.2.4
* Changed license to GPLv3
2005-09-24 Corrado Santoro <>
* Created version 1.2, with integration of ERESYE
2005-03-13 Corrado Santoro <>
* src/agents/ams.erl: FIPA compliance. Added 'get-description'
and 'ams-agent-description'.
* src/exat/mtp.erl: Added gen_server behaviour to handle HTTP
requests (the HTTP client 'inets' module does not handle
concurrent HTTP requests, so a server collecting requests and
handling them in sequence is mandatory).
* src/simpleauction/auction.erl: Simple Auction application
modified to reflect new features on ontolgies and speech acts.
2005-03-12 Corrado Santoro <>
* src/ontology/fipa_ontology.onto: More classes of the "FIPA Agent
Managment Ontology".
* src/ontology/ontology_service.erl: Added ontology service to
manage registered ontologies.
* src/exat/mtp.erl (decode_and_forward_acl): Automatic ontology
* src/exat/sl.erl: Added codec for SL messages.
2005-03-05 Corrado Santoro <>
* src/agents/ams.erl: Initial AMS support to make eXAT
* src/ontology/ontology.erl: Added ontology management and
* src/exat/logger.erl: Added logging management.
* src/exat/ Added exat application.
* src/exat/mtp.erl: Added HTTP MTP.
* src/exat/envelope.erl: Added XML envelope management (FIPA
2004-10-31 Corrado Santoro <>
* src/exat/agent.erl: Added support for concurrent behaviour
2004-10-18 Corrado Santoro <>
* src/object/object.erl: Now (finally!) I'm able to distinguish
the cases: a) a method is not defined or has an undefined clause;
b) a function called wihtin a method is not defined or has an
undefined clause.
* src/object/object.erl: New version of 'super'.
* src/object/object.erl: Fixed bug in executing a behaviour
without a bound agent. It now executes all events but 'acl'.
* src/exat/agent.erl: agent:kill --> agent:stop, implemented
agent:kill as a brute-force termination, agent:behave, implemented
agent:behave with behaviour pushing.
* src/object/object.erl: pending processes??? 'multisync' is
pending when an object is brutally deleted.
2004-09-27 Corrado Santoro <>
* src/exat/agent.erl: Added new/2, behave/2 and join/1.
Added deleting of behaviour and semantics objects.
2004-09-19 Corrado Santoro <>
* src/eres/eres.erl: Added "eval" for term evaluation (it
evaluates lambda functions present in the term).
2004-09-11 Corrado Santoro <>
* src/object/object.erl: set '__terminating__' to false
in 'object:do/2' to invalidate a previous call to 'object:stop/1'.
* src/exat/agent.erl: added 'agent:get_mind/1' and
2004-09-05 Corrado Santoro <>
* src/object/eventmanager.erl: use of 'agent:match_message'
instead of 'agent:get_message'.
* src/exat/agent.erl: added a more correct handling and matching
of incoming messages (added 'match_message/2').
* src/exat/semantics.erl: added base class to implement
user-defined ACL semantics.
* src/exat/agent.erl: added 'gen_server' behaviour. Added support
for ACL semantics.
2004-07-25 Corrado Santoro <>
* OFF-TOPIC: today, my son Riccardo is one year and an half (18
months) old :-))))
* src/exat/acl.hrl: Added support for all the parameters of the
ACL message structure (according to FIPA-00061G).
* src/exat/acl.erl: refinepattern changed to support the new ACL
message pattern structure.
Added support for all the parameters of the ACL message structure
(according to FIPA-00061G).
* src/eres/eres.erl: changed matching function in order to support
facts as both tuples and lists
2004-07-24 Corrado Santoro <>
* src/exat/acl.erl: Changed basic functions to send ACLs in order
to meet new ACL message structure
* src/object/eventmanager.erl: Added call to match_lib:match_all.
* src/exat/match_lib.erl: Added function match_all/2 to support
pattern matching of ACLs according to new ACL message format (that
now uses an Erlang record).
* src/Makefile.conf (BEAM): Added "-I ../exat" to support
inclusion of "acl.hrl".
* src/exat/acl.hrl: Added record representation of ACL messages.
* src/exat/acl.erl: fixed functions (according to new SL0 scanner)
sl0_getslot, sl0_getcontent, parse_message, sl0_getcontent.
Added erlang_to_sl0 function to transform an SL0 Erlang-encoded
sentence into a string SL0 sentence.
Added record representation of ACL messages.
2004-07-23 Corrado Santoro <>
* src/exat/acl.erl: Fix return value of "aclparser:parse" in
function sl0_parse/1 in order to support new SL0 scanner
* src/exat/acl.yrl: ACL/SL0 scanner transformed in order to
support a full translation of SL0 sentences in an Erlang
* src/exat/aclscanner.erl: Fixed token/1 function. It didn't work
when the argument were a list (string).