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Update changelog to v0.8.0

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+NowJS Version 0.8.0 - 1/16/2012
+Changes since 0.7.6:
+* Client library now serves minified version by default. Pass option `debug: true` to serve unminified source
+* /bin/build.js creates minified now.js in dist folder
+* Experimental connect/express session support. Simply pass a connect or express http server in nowjs.initialize and `this.user.session` should be available. Change options `cookieKey` to specificy connect.sid key
+* Support passing in options to on client side, `nowInitialize(uri, {socketio: {/* options */}});`
+* Fix possible DoS exploit with large length argument lists
+* Node.js client for NowJS now available in /lib/nodeclient/now.js
NowJS Version 0.7.6 - 11/11/2011
Changes since 0.7.5:
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