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a simple wrapper for Slack Web API
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WebService::Slack::WebApi - a simple wrapper for Slack Web API


use WebService::Slack::WebApi;

# the token is required unless using $slack->oauth->access
my $slack = WebService::Slack::WebApi->new(token => 'access token');

# getting channel's descriptions
my $channels = $slack->channels->list;

# posting message to specified channel and getting message description
my $posted_message = $slack->chat->post_message(
    channel  => 'channel id', # required
    text     => 'hoge',       # required (not required if 'attachments' argument exists)
    username => 'fuga',       # optional
    # other optional parameters...


WebService::Slack::WebApi is a simple wrapper for Slack Web API (


You can set some options by giving opt parameter to new method. Almost values of opt are gived to Furl#new.

WebService::Slack::WebApi->new(token => 'access token', opt => {});


opt can contain env_proxy as boolean value . If env_proxy is true then proxy settings are loaded from $ENV{HTTP_PROXY} and $ENV{NO_PROXY} by calling Furl#env_proxy method. See also\_proxy.


This module provides all methods declared in the API reference (


WebService::Slack::WebApi::Namespace::method_name corresponds to namespace.methodName in Slack Web API. For example WebService::Slack::WebApi::Chat::post_message corresponds to chat.postMessage. You describe as below to call Chat::post_message method.

my $result = $slack->chat->post_message;

Return value

All methods return HashRef. When you want to know what is contained in HashRef, see the API reference.

The token parameter

The API reference shows chat.update method require 4 parameters: token, ts, channel and text. When using this module token parameter is added implicitly except using oauth.access method. So you pass the other 3 parameters to Chat::update method as shown below.

my $result = $slack->chat->update(
    ts      => '1401383885.000061',  # as Str
    channel => 'channel id',
    text    => 'hoge',

Optional parameters

Some methods have optional parameters. If a parameter is optional in the API reference, it is also optional in this module.

Not primitive parameters

These parameters are not primitive:

  • files.upload.file: string of path to local file
  • files.upload.channels: ArrayRef of channel id string





Copyright (C) Mihyaeru/mihyaeru21

Released under the MIT license.

See LICENSE file.

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