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Links to useful resources for devs

Developers usually have their own stash of resources from which they learn or use in their work. I have acquired good links to resources online and offline over the years that might benefit devs of all ages. I am going to be sharing them here and any passer-by can contribute to this just by forking this file to help others.


Links here are to sites that have full-fledged courses on different topics, frameworks and languages.


Like these ones, there are more collections of useful dev links out there.


Loads of screencasts and videos on various topics.


Old school style learning offline and online.

  • Zapier - Who better to teach APIs then Zapier
  • JS Books - Links to almost all free JS books online and for offline reading


Articles and tutorials on many topics with code

  • - Beautiful site and well-written tutorials on mainly web techs
  • SitePoint - Articles and tutorials written on various topics and some with code
  • Tech.PRO - Social network for techies demonstrating their knowledge through coding posts
  • OdeToCode - Mostly on ASP.NET and JS
  • Codrops - Mind blowing tutorials on unique and interactive UI elements and styling
  • TutsPlus - Tutorials on most web techs out there
  • Rosetta Code - Learn by solving tasks; Answers in multiple languages
  • BlackWasp - Huge array of C# articles, tips and tricks


  • CodinGame - Play turn based games using programming skills
  • CodeCombat - Multiplayer coding game
  • CodeChef - Community of programmers solving progamming problems
  • CodeHunt - Educational coding game with C#
  • Codewars - Solve katas to earn ranks
  • TestForGeeks - Questions for self-assessment
  • Codetoki - Collect badges by solving problems
  • TalentBuddy - Solve problems on multiple tracks
  • HackerRank - Coding challenges. Community. Awesome jobs
  • CoderByte - Solve algorithmic problems or program bots for games
  • Screeps - MMO for programmers
  • - Practice. Communicate. Pay it Forward.
  • CodeFights - Improve coding skills while having fun
  • AdventOfCode - Solve small programming puzzles
  • EmpireOfCode - Play the future
  • CheckIO - Game for coders
  • LeetCode - Preparing for technical interviews
  • edabit - Learn to code with interactive challenges


  • BuiltWith - Ever wonder what particular techs were used to build a web app or site? Well, find out!
  • attachables - Revamped TODOs for Visual Studio
  • Shapeshifter - Hands down the best clipboard manager for Windows
  • Gisto - Code Snippet management in the form of Gists
  • Plunker - Better than its competitors e.g. JSFiddle and JSBin
  • .NET Fiddle - Write, save, execute and share .NET code right from the browser
  • cmder - Portable console emulator for Windows
  • Docs - Simple tool to curate online resources for a particular topic
  • Zeal - Offline API documentation browser for most popular frameworks and libs
  • DevDocs - Offline and Online API documentation browser for most open-source frameworks and libs
  • CodeShare - Real-time code sharing and hacking
  • CodeBeautify - Whole lot of code formatting and conversion online
  • Postman - Best way possible to test API development
  • Octotree - Browser extension to see GitHub repos in a tree structure
  • Marxico - The missing Markdown editor for Evernote
  • Astral - Manage GitHub star repositories easily
  • Mocky - Mock API responses with multitude of options
  • SqlFiddle - Write, save, execute and share SQL right from the browser
  • CodingGround - Code in almost all popular languages
  • Indent Guides - Adds vertical lines at each indent level
  • jQAPI - What jQuery documentation should have been. Available as desktop and offline app.
  • JSApp.US - Make Node.js apps on-the-fly!
  • HyperDev - Developer playground for building full-stack web apps, fast
  • RunKit - Node playground in the browser
  • HTTPBin - Endpoints to test out with HTTP
  • RequestBin - Inspect HTTP requests sent to it
  • Scastie - An interactive playground for Scala


  • - The best and most up-to-date hosting for free (Windows)
  • OpenShift - Best free Linux-based hosting with Git
  • AppHarbor - Best free Windows-based hosting with Git
  • GitLab - Free and unlimited private and public repos with most essential GitHub like features


Links to resources for devs







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