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PS3MFW Builder v0.2.1 OtherOS++
0.2.1 - Known errors (and solutions)
Error: could not unpkg file dev_flash_[xxx] :child process exited abnormally (e.g. with spoof task selected)
Solution: User did not select keyfolder (ps3keys or .ps3) in settings.
0.2 - Known errors (and solutions)
Error: DAT/UNDAT related (with spoof task)
Solution: Needs updated ps3tools (W32 binairies are included in git) or else the spoof task won't work (needs dat / undat)
Error: TV category is not shown
Solution: Make sure either one of these folders exist in /dev_hdd0/game (you can use ftp or manger to create them) :
- BCES00096 = Play TV
- BCES00274
- BCES00275
- BCED00245
- BCET00001
- BCJB95006 = Torne
- NPHA70006 = QookTV
- NPHA80082 = NowTV
Services and region: 3 a la carta (ES), 4oD (GB), ABC iView (AU), ANIMAX (DE, CZ, HU, RO, SK), ANTENA 3 (ES), AXN (BG, CZ, HU, PL, RO, SK), BBC iPlayer (GB), ipla (PL), ITV/STV/UTV Players (GB), LaSexta (ES), NOS (NL), NowTV (HK), Plus 7 (AU), QookTV (HK, KR), RTE Player (IE), RTVE (ES), Torne (HK), TVNZ ONDEMAND (NZ), YLE Areena (FI)
Error: FATAL ERROR: Error extracting PUP file PS3UPDAT.PUP : child killed: unknown signal
Solution: libz-1.dll is missing (W32 DLL's are included in git)
Error: FATAL ERROR: Could not unpack rco file sysconf_plugin.rco : couldn't execute "rcomage": no such file or directory
Solution: Rcomage is missing (W32 binairies are included in git), other source:
Error: unable to load dat-key
Solution: Update the keyset to include the DAT keys: dat-key and dat-iv
Error: No gameupdates can be found! (with privacy patch)
Solution: It is either privacy or no privacy, gameupdates are looked up by vsh.self ("") everytime an application is started. You can still install gameupdates externally, e.g. when you download them with the PC instead (e.g. Killahs AIO Tool and PS3 Game Updater).
Solution2: Disable only the task option - effectively making it no longer privacy patched.
Error: wrong args should be patch_lv1 patch_self self
Solution: Sometimes caused by having the application in a folder location with spaces in the path, try putting PS3MFW Builder in C:\PS3MFW (or any other location without spaces).
Solution2: Sometimes caused by running the application with limited user restrictions. Try elevating rights (e.g. try administrator)
Error: User wants an /insert well known 'CFW' e.g. Kmeaw/ like MFW firmware or use that as source PUP
Solution: Take official firmware and select the following tasks accordingly to your target requirements:
- Patched LV1 hypervisor to allow mapping of any needed memory area (Wutangrza, Waninkoko, Kmeaw, graf_chokolo)
- Patched LV2 kernel to add Peek&Poke system calls to LV2 (Wutangrza, Waninkoko, Kmeaw, graf_chokolo)
- Patched PKG installer to allow installation of pseudo-retail + debug PKGs (geohot, Waninkoko, kmeaw)
- Patched Application launcher to allow running of unsigned applications (Waninkoko)
- Add new icons to XMB to add Install PKGs + /app_home (KaKaRoTo, geohot Waninkoko, Kmeaw)
Error: Error running script: invalid command name "34" and/or Error running script: invalid command name "35" (when using Kmeaw, Rebug etc as input PUP and selecting privacy [34] and/or spoof [35])
Solution: Take official firmware and use the solution mentioned above
Error: No applicable update found (when trying to install the PUP)
Solution: Use Recovery Mode and make sure the PUP is in the correct location.
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