📦 Build modern ES6+ web applications with Typescript and (S)CSS
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Typescript Starter

Build modern ES6+ web applications with Typescript and (S)CSS.

Files and folders

Path Description
src/* Place your Typescript, Javascript and (S)CSS files here
src/index.ts Entry file for compilation
static/* All files here will be copied to /dist/* on build, making it suitable for assets
public/index.html The file Webpack uses to build the final index.html


Use @/ as prefix for your imports to write paths relative to the src/ folder.

// Will import file at <PROJECT_ROOT>/src/style.scss
import '@/style.scss';

Project setup

Install dependencies.

$ npm install

Compiles and hot-reloads for development

Run development server with HMR support, available via http://localhost:8080.

$ npm run serve

Compiles and minifies for production

The minified files will be available in the /dist folder.

$ npm run build

Lints files

Write unified code by linting your files.

$ npm run lint


Dependency Purpose
@babel/core Babel core library
@babel/preset-env Add support for next generation of javascript
@babel/preset-typescript Add Typescript support
@babel/polyfill Add Promise support and more
babel-loader Use Babel with Webpack
babel-plugin-transform-class-properties Add support for class properties
clean-webpack-plugin Clear dist folder on build
copy-webpack-plugin Copy certain files on build
css-loader Use CSS files
friendly-errors-webpack-plugin Get improved error reporting in terminal
html-webpack-plugin Generate HTML web page on build
mini-css-extract-plugin Extract stylesheet to dedicated file
node-sass Add SCSS support
sass-loader Use SCSS with Webpack
style-loader Enable style HMR on development server
tslint Enable code linting
tslint-config-airbnb Used tslint config
tslint-loader Use tslint with Webpack
typescript Add Typescript support
webpack Transpile, pack and host code on build
webpack-cli Webpack CLI tools
webpack-dev-server Setup server for development