Use Karma to run ClojureScript tests in Chrome
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Running ClojureScript tests with Karma

This repository demonstrates how to use Karma to run ClojureScript tests in Chrome with JUnit output and slow test reporting.

First of all, if doo fits your needs, by all means use it. Doo can run Karma just fine. The trouble is that you can't really configure Karma with doo. Here are some reasons for why I've wanted to configure Karma:

  • I wanted to include a collection of JavaScript files to be executed - in the correct order - before the tests.
  • I wanted to get JUnit output for the tests.

Luckily it's straightforward to use Karma directly!

How to build and run the tests

Start the Karma server:

npm install
./node_modules/karma-cli/bin/karma start

In another terminal, start cljsbuild:

lein cljsbuild auto

Now go and edit some of the .cljs files. The tests should be automatically run. You can also manually start a test run with ./ The JUnit files are under target/out/reports.

How does this work?

Basically we do what doo does, but manually. We use lein-cljsbuild and karma-reporter. Here are the important files:

  • package.json lists the Karma components we need to install from npm.
  • karma_demo/runner.cljs is our test runner namespace. It requires all the test namespaces and calls jx.reporter.karma/run-all-tests.
  • project.clj configures cljsbuild to compile the test runner.
  • karma.conf.js is our Karma configuration. It points Karma to the compiled JavaScript files, configures the JUnit output etc.

I've included some comments into the files to draw attention to the interesting parts.

We do not use Karma's autowatch feature, because it tends to re-run the tests while cljsbuild is still compiling them. Instead we set cljsbuild's :notify-command to trigger the tests when the build is ready. I've tried to play with autoWatchBatchDelay option, but it's hard to get right.