A CSS reset/normalizer stylesheet.
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normal.scss is a (S)CSS reset stylesheet. Instead of setting everything to zero, it aims to preserve useful defaults. It's very much inspired by Nicolas Gallagher's and Jonathan Neal's normalize.css.

It's a work in progress, incomplete and untested. For real work, you should use some better-engineered alternative such as normalize.css. In any case you should customize the stylesheet to fit your needs.

What does it do?

The first goal is to provide a normalized environment that can be used as a basis for new designs. The second goal is to have defaults so sane that the stylesheet is nice enough for publishing simple documents. To achieve these goals, normal.scss does the following:

  • Resets CSS box model.
  • Maintains a baseline grid.
  • Styles headers and text pleasantly.


The stylesheet is written in SCSS. Use Sass to compile it down to CSS. Read the source to see what it does - it's really short! To use the mixins in your own code, import it as a partial to your own SCSS file.


Normal.scss was created by Miikka Koskinen.