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A simple implementation of Gibbs-Lda algo written in CoffeeScript running on node.js.

== Routine ==

Please compile all the .coffee files for the js modules, also including
the files under langcode/

$ coffee -c *.coffee

Orgnize all the data files under 'data/corpus', then run

$ node token_main.js
which will tokenize all the documents under data/corpus for each file as
a single document, and create the docuemnts array and vocabulary file.

$ node lda_main.js
to run lda process, you can tune the parameters in
the performance depends on #document * #kTopic, #voc * #kTopic
once it's done, the model's phi and theta matrix will be under data/ dir

$ node render_topic.js
to create the topics/words/docs json file for data-server

$ node data_server.js
data server is simple browsing server for the data, but is very coupled to
my own business, so make your own, :)

for any information, you can contact me at winters.mi(at)