Script to clone triode's excellent Spotify plugin, so that it can be installed twice in parallel
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What is this about?
This script downloads triode's excellent Spotify plugin for Logitech Media Server and
modifies it so that it can be installed parallel to the original version.

This is very useful if the members of your household have more than one Spotify account
and want to listen to different music each using their own Spotify account.

So the script in this repository will only be useful to you if *all* of the
following are true:
- You use Logitech Media Server (LMS, aka Squeezebox Server, aka Slimserver) to
  listen to music at home
- You listen to Spotify through Logitech Media Server
- You don't use the official plugin but the 3rd party plugin by triode
- Someone else in your household with their own Spotify account also wants to listen
  to Spotify through LMS

Note: This works for me, but probably won't work for you out of the box. Patches and pull
requests are welcome!