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Scripts for Debian package/repository handling inside Jenkins

piuparts_wrapper: support setting tmpdir directory

By setting PIUPARTS_TMPDIR it's possible to control the place
where temporary files and directories are created by piuparts.
This allows pointing PIUPARTS_TMPDIR to a directory inside tmpfs
and therefore speeding up the build process.

Usage example, assuming /var/cache/pbuilder/ is a tmpfs:

  PIUPARTS_BUILDDIR="$(sudo mktemp -d --tmpdir=/var/cache/pbuilder/ --suffix=_piuparts_tmp)"

NOTE: Setting TMPDIR as an alternative (as documented by the
piuparts manpage) isn't recommended. The variable leaks into the
piuparts environment and several tools requiring a valid TMPDIR
fail then because the TMPDIR set from outside doesn't necessarily
exist within the piuparts chroot.

Development sponsored by Sipwise GmbH, recorded as
MT#9683 in customers' ticket system.
latest commit b52fc1a56e
Michael Prokop authored


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