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📥 IMAP based message broker client
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IMAPMQ is an IMAP based message broker client. It provides a simple interface for publishing, subscribing and dequeuing messages. It also supports concurrent access to the same message queue. Based on go-imap.

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How it works

IMAPMQ treats IMAP mailboxes as queues. In order to add a message to a queue, IMAPMQ appends an email to the mailbox.


  • IMAPMQ can connect to any IMAPv4rev1 server with the CONDSTORE extension
  • Publish/Subscribe
  • Message Queue
  • Message format agnostic
  • No polling, the IMAP server notifies the client of new messages thanks to the IDLE command
  • Concurrency aware: multiple dequeuing instances can work on the same queue
  • Bring your own GUI: any IMAP client would do


$ go get

Example: A simple chat

The following example connects to an IMAP account, and creates a queue based on the INBOX mailbox. It spawns a goroutine that subscribes to the "chat" topic and listens to the returned channel. Anytime a user writes something and press enter, a new "chat" message is published to the queue.

You need to have an IMAP server to connect to. If you don't, you can create a gmail account. Make sure you enable IMAP (more info here) if you do.

package main

import (


func main() {
	// Create a new IMAPMQ client
	mq, err := imapmq.New(imapmq.Config{
		Login: "login",
		Passwd: "password",
		URL: "",
	if err != nil {
	defer mq.Close()

	// Create a queue based on INBOX
	q, err := mq.Queue("INBOX")
	if err != nil {

	go func() {
		// Subscribe to messages with the "chat" subject
		c := q.Sub("chat")
		for msg := range c { // msg is a mail.Message instance.
			log.Printf("%s", msg.Header.Get("Subject"))

	// We scan stdin for user input
	scanner := bufio.NewScanner(os.Stdin)
	for scanner.Scan() {
		// Publish a message with the "chat" subject in the INBOX queue
		q.Pub("chat", []byte(scanner.Text()))



MIT © Michael Sokol

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