Django + Django Rest Framework API backend for my web app.
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This is a Django and Django Rest Framerwork powered python application. Updates from this github repo will be automatically built by Jenkins and deployed by an Elastic Beanstalk instance in AWS.

The purpose is to learn smart development practices as well as trying to apply machine learning algorithms to my self leadership sofware.

AWS Elastic beanstalk


Old pip version

These lines occured after an attempt to install the app to elastic beanstalk.

You are using pip version 7.1.2, however version 9.0.1 is available. Your requirements.txt is invalid

The problem was old version of pip. This probably because I included pandas to my packages.

I added these lines to my .ebextensions file and it worked:

    command: /opt/python/run/venv/bin/pip install --upgrade pip
    ignoreErrors: false

The error was also fixed by upgrading elastic beanstalk machine to 64bit Amazon Linux 2017.09 v2.6.0 running Python 3.4 version.

Django ORM

Django object relational mapping notes.

Use values() to limit the columns and to get the actual values instead of objects: ModelName.objects.all.values('author', 'date', 'slug')

Django Rest Framework

Additional field to model serializer

Django practices

  • List model classes alphabetically in views, models and serializers.

Database migrations

Create SQL scripts for database changes according to

python makemigrations

Run SQL scripts from migrations files to make the changes to database:

python migrate

Show selected migration file

python sqlmigrate gym 0001


'No changes detected' Same field was defined twice in the model. Thus, the first field description was ignored.


Handy for testing the Django object API. python shell


User managers for:

  • Adding extra methods
  • Modify initial queryset

A custom Manager method can return anything you want. It doesn’t have to return a QuerySet.



ImportError: No module named 'functions' Try to change from import * to from import *

Error: Microsoft Visual C++ 10.0 is required or Cython error. Latest pandas package 0.21.0 was not suitable with Python 3.4. I downgraded to pandas 0.20.3.


A queryset normally returns objects from a single model.

Join models.

About serveless tech

This solutions is deployed on normal Linux server. According to my investigation here are some ideas about serverless technologies on AWS.

The serverless solution

  • Front end by React
  • Authentication by AWS Cognito
  • API by AWS API Gateway
  • Data processing by AWS Python 3.6 Lambda functions
  • Data storage by AWS RDS or SQLite in S3


  • Modularity: API and authentication would be individual entities
  • Possibly no need for Python framework
  • More robust authentication
  • Reduced costs for small number of users


  • Takes time to change the architecture
  • Authentication still wouldn't be super simple
  • AWS Api Gateway latency relatively high
  • More modularity means more repetition