If you invest monthly to index based ETF, does it matter at which stage of economical cycle you start?
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Economical Cycle Timing

If you invest monthly to index based world wide ETF, does it matter what is the stage of economical cycle when you start?

Check out the economical-cycle-timing.ipynb for the data analysis.

Related blog post

Here is the original blog in Finnish.

Summary of results

Here is a summary of results in video. It shows 10 year cumulative profits by different starting year for a monthly investor.

Click the image to view on Youtube (0 min 26 sec). alt


The msci-world-index-historical-data-1969-2018.xlsx file contains the investment data.

The data is from here. Remember to allow Flash.

Development environment

I used Ubuntu subsystem for Windows for development.

The env_example.sh contains a template script that you can paste to Ubuntu editor when starting a development session.

Python 3.6 has been used. In Ubuntu 18 python 3.6 should be pre-installed. Try it with command python3 -V.

Install virtual environment by pip3 install virtualenv. Create a new virtualenv by virtualenv venv.

Possible improvements

  • Add 2% compound inflation line to charts
  • Add index line to charts
  • Take into account that only full shares can be purchased
  • Make a sliding analysis since the beginning with 15 years investment time
  • Calculate different strategies
    • Only buy after 5 months of down hill
    • Use machine learning to determine best buy and sell strategies
  • Better documentation for the notebook