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UI based iOS tweak that opens red envelopes in WeChat (微信)
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WeChat Envelope

A simple iOS tweak that opens red envelopes in WeChat. It's a very hacky UI based solution, which requires the chat to be visible for the envelopes to be opened. Made for research purposes, and for fun, with the help of Cycript.


How it works

When the chat view becomes visible, the tweak scans the visible cells for a red envelope cell. If the red envelope hasn't previously been opened, the tweak will try to open it.

Opening speed

In order to make it less suspicious, there's a delay added to the opening of envelopes. It's still quicker to manually open them (if on a good internet connection), but the tweak will usually be one of the first five to open an envelope in a group chat.

Error handling

The tweak currently handles two corner cases:

  1. A red envlope has already been opened by other people in a group
  2. Envelope opening fails, and an alert gets shown (no internet connection for instance)


Added a cell for configuration under "Settings" in the "Me" tab.


Make sure you have Theos installed (guide found here), with the $THEOS and $THEOS_DEVICE_IP variables configured.

After that just run make package install in the console from the project directory.


Many thanks to Wencharm for providing me with a temporary test account, and to Theo for providing me with two incredibly crisp and beautiful icons!

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