A Nodeschool type workshop for Functional Reactive Programming and Bacon.js
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bacon-love – the Workshop for Functional Reactive Programming

This is a Nodeschool-esc workshop module for doing Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) using the library Bacon.js.

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The goal of this workshop is to learn the concept of FRP while solving exercises, and the implementation it self is not that important. Most of the methods used in this workshop might as well be used in an alternative like RxJS. The main difference is that Bacon adhere to classic theory of FRP (with a distinction between observables).


Install and Start

You need Node.js at least version 4.

Install the workshop by doing

npm install -g bacon-love

And start the workshop by typing, in the terminal:


You can get help by typing

bacon-love help


If you find that there is too much text and want it scrollable (with less), you can pipe the print of the current exercise by doing the following:

bacon-love print | less -R


Please leave us any tips, comments or Pull Requests in the Github Issues.