A Renderer for the marked project. Allowing you to render Markdown to print to your Terminal
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Custom Renderer for marked allowing for printing Markdown to the Terminal. Supports pretty tables, syntax highlighting for javascript, and overriding all colors and styles.

Could for instance be used to print usage information.

Build Status npm marked-terminal


npm install marked marked-terminal


var marked = require('marked');
var TerminalRenderer = require('marked-terminal');

  // Define custom renderer
  renderer: new TerminalRenderer()

// Show the parsed data
console.log(marked('# Hello \n This is **markdown** printed in the `terminal`'));

This will produce the following:

Screenshot of marked-terminal

Syntax Highlighting

Also have support for syntax highlighting using cardinal. You can override highlight defaults by passing in settings as the second argument for TerminalRenderer, or you can create a .cardinalrc as defined in the cardinal README.

Having the following markdown input:

var foo = function(bar) {

...we will convert it into terminal format:

// Show the parsed data

This will produce the following:

Screenshot of marked-terminal


Constructur: new TerminalRenderer([options][, highlightOptions])


Optional Used to override default styling.

Default values are:

var defaultOptions = {
  // Colors
  code: chalk.yellow,
  blockquote: chalk.gray.italic,
  html: chalk.gray,
  heading: chalk.green.bold,
  firstHeading: chalk.magenta.underline.bold,
  hr: chalk.reset,
  listitem: chalk.reset,
  table: chalk.reset,
  paragraph: chalk.reset,
  strong: chalk.bold,
  em: chalk.italic,
  codespan: chalk.yellow,
  del: chalk.dim.gray.strikethrough,
  link: chalk.blue,
  href: chalk.blue.underline,

  // Formats the bulletpoints and numbers for lists
  list: function (body, ordered) {/* ... */},

  // Reflow and print-out width
  width: 80, // only applicable when reflow is true
  reflowText: false,

  // Should it prefix headers?
  showSectionPrefix: true,

  // Whether or not to undo marked escaping
  // of enitities (" -> " etc)
  unescape: true,

  // Whether or not to show emojis
  emoji: true,

  // Options passed to cli-table
  tableOptions: {},

  // The size of tabs in number of spaces or as tab characters
  tab: 3 // examples: 4, 2, \t, \t\t

Example of overriding defaults

  renderer: new TerminalRenderer({
    codespan: chalk.underline.magenta,


Options passed into cardinal. See readme there to see what options to pass.

See more examples