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Tag GitHub source code

Mikael edited this page Dec 25, 2017 · 1 revision

This VSTS Build/Release task Tag GitHub source code.


The parameters of the task are:

[1] The GitHub connection:

Choose or create a GitHub connection (see here for details), if this task is added on build definition, you can use the same connection that the source build settings.

[2] The repository:

Select the GitHub repository.

[3] The tag value:

The tag value of the commit with the current build number use $(Build.BuildNumber)

Yaml build

If you want to use this task in Yaml Build, here the code of the step phase

- task: DevMikaelKrief.githubtools.GitHubTag.GitHubTag@0
     githubEndpoint: "9279196d-7673-46dc-8e1e-3a59a53d79c7"
     repositoryName: "owner/myrepo"
     commmit: "$(Build.SourceVersion)"
     tag: "v$(Build.BuildNumber)" 
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