Sitecore module that adds support for cropping images, setting jpeg quality and creates progressive jpegs
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Sitecore Imaging toolkit

Sitecore has native support for resizing images. This library adds support for image cropping, defining jpeg output quality and produces optimized progressive jpeg images when the source file is a jpg.


Build the solution and put the resulting DLL's in your Sitecore solution and put the ImageService.config file in your App_Config/Include folder. You may want to reference another version of Sitecore Kernel to suit your Sitecore solution. The package probably works with most Sitecore versions since 6.x, though URL hashing applies only to later versions of Sitecore.


The library can be used in many ways. One way is using the ImageRendering class to build proper image URLs, such as this:

  // Assuming a MediaItem exists
  var imageRendering = new ImageRendering(mediaItem);
  <source srcset="@imageRendering.WithAutoCrop(400,300).WithQuality(75).GetUri()" ... />

If you have a typed model, you can provide the ImageRendering object as an extension method to the image field type of the model.

More info about this module can be found here:…ages-in-sitecore/

##Credits The idea and some of the code in this module is based on two blog posts by Anders Laub @AndersLaub: Setting JPEG compression level and Cropping images